In 1991, Jodi and Daniel Maxwell returned to their roots in Northern Ontario choosing to leave the big city behind to move home and raise their two boys. They both left very good jobs to embark on a new business adventure opening Maxwell Pottery. Daniel was the Ceramic Technician at Sheridan College and Jodi seven months pregnant left a prestigious job as a Food Scientist with McCormick Canada.

With Daniel’s creative mastery and Jodi’s business acumen, Maxwell Pottery produces beautiful and contemporary designs that are equal parts artistic and functional.

They have always believed in the “whole” experience while visiting Maxwell Pottery. When you enter their showroom you are greeted as a visitor coming into their home. Over the years they have formed genuine bonds with many of their customers. They take pride in offering superior customer service.

As well, about 50 employees have come and gone through the doors of Maxwell Pottery. They are always treated like family. Mostly hiring young people showing them the basics about work ethic and pride of workmanship.

Community involvement and donations to local charities have also been evident throughout their years at Maxwell Pottery. Whether it was having the Grade 1 class in for their end of year trip or donating many pieces to annual events.

In 2006, they were awarded the Best New Exhibitor award at the Canadian Gift & Tableware Association. And then in 2009 they were recognized for their long-standing loyalty and participation in Toronto’s One of a Kind Show. A highlight for them was to win in 2015, the Small Business of the Year Award from the North Bay and District Chamber of Commerce.

Over the years the patterns and styles may have changed or evolved but the care and pride that go into making the pieces has not changed.

Their best known piece is the Canoe on a Lake dip set. It is inspired by the beautiful area where they work, live and play. In 2006, they took this piece as well as other nautical themed items to the Canadian Gift and Tableware Association’s wholesale show. The first show was a great success…selling out within a day and a half. They now sell this line to 180 stores across Canada.

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